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Visit an ENT Before You See That Audiologist ent vs audiologist should i see an audiologist or ent first

Visit an ENT Before You See That Audiologist

ENT VS Audiologist

If you have been dealing with hearing loss, or other ear-related issues, you might be wondering, “Should I see an audiologist or ENT first?” It’s a valid question and while an audiologist can provide expert advice related to hearing issues and hearing aid fittings, it is typically better to go to an experienced ENT near you first to get a proper diagnosis about what could be causing your hearing troubles.

What an ENT Can Do

People who experience problems with their hearing or their ears in general should immediately see an otolaryngologist, otherwise known as an ENT (ear, nose and throat) doctor. It is especially crucial to see that type of doctor if you believe you have lost hearing, especially if the loss was sudden. They can determine what is going on and recommend you to an audiologist later, if necessary.

An ENT doctor treats problems such as earwax buildup, sudden hearing loss or change in hearing, sinus pressure and headaches, hyperacusis (a condition in which normal sounds are painfully loud) and tinnitus or ringing of the ear. ENTs can also determine whether your hearing loss is connected to a specific medical issue.

If you have indeed suffered from hearing loss, an ENT doctor near you can diagnose you and schedule you for a hearing test with an audiologist. In some ears, nose, and throat practices, a hearing test can be done at the ENT doctor’s offices. However, once you are diagnosed and tested, you will have to go see an audiologist afterward to be fitted for hearing devices if the doctor recommends you get them.

In some cases, hearing loss can come as a result of a different type of problem, one that can be corrected with surgery. An ENT doctor is also a qualified ear surgeon and can perform a variety of surgical procedures in the ear tubes.

What an Audiologist Can Do

If it is discovered that you have to be fitted for a hearing aid, you will be recommended to an audiologist. An audiologist is the hearing care professional you should see if you mainly have problems of hearing loss, including a long term or gradual hearing loss, and if you have no known or determined medical conditions that could be associated with hearing loss.

An audiologist can recommend a specific type of hearing aid or assistive listening device for you, or have you fitted for professional earplugs by taking moldings of the insides of your ears. They also offer assistance to patients for the maintenance of their hearing aids and make adjustments to them whenever necessary.

When you have hearing loss, the audiologist will also test your hearing on an annual basis. However, it is always wise to see your ENT doctor as well any time there are noticeable changes in your hearing.

Book An Appointment With A Boise ENT About Your Hearing Loss

If you are having trouble with your ears, it is important to make an appointment with an ENT specialist near you. They will be able to exam your ear canals and diagnose what is causing your issue, whether it be earwax build up, complications from chronic sinusitis, or even a specific ear disorder like Eustachian tube dysfunction (ETD). Once a diagnosis is determined, the ENT will be able to suggest an effective treatment plan, which could include a visit to an audiologist.

If you live in or near Boise, ID and are looking for an experienced ENT who specializes in ear issues and hearing loss, we invite you to reach out to the friendly team here at Boise ENT. We have years of experience helping people hear better. Many of our treatment options can be done in the office. Contact our ENT clinic today to book your consultation.

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