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Sinus Headache treamtent in Boise | Boise ENT

Sinus Headache

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Ear Pressure treamtent in Boise | Boise ENT

Ear Pressure

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Nasal Polyps treamtent in Boise | Boise ENT

Nasal Polyps

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Sinus Pain/Pressure treamtent in Boise | Boise ENT

Sinus Pain/Pressure

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Stuffy Nose/Congestion treamtent in Boise | Boise ENT

Chronic Congestion

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Deviated Septum treamtent in Boise | Boise ENT

Deviated Septum

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Sinus Infections treamtent in Boise | Boise ENT

Sinus Infections

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Balloon Sinusplasty Treatment in Boise | Boise ENT

Sinus Specialists in Boise

Balloon Sinuplasty Treatment

Also known as "smart sinus," balloon sinuplasty is an endoscopic, catheter-based surgery technique for treating chronic sinusitis or rhinosinusitis, sinus inflammation, and extreme nose blockages. It is relatively new, having developed from the angioplasty, and became FDA approved in 2005.

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Sinusitis Treatment in Boise | Boise ENT

Sinus Specialists in Boise

Sinusitis Treatment

Sinusitis, commonly referred to as a sinus infection, is an inflammation or swelling of the tissues that line the sinuses. When the sinuses get blocked and filled with fluid, germs may grow, resulting in an infection. Sinusitis is a prevalent affliction.

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As a highly trained, board-certified ENT specialist for over 20 years, Dr Beasley combines the latest medical technology, a state-of-the-art facility located in Boise, and a patient-focused philosophy to ensure that you and your family receive the personalized care that best meets your individual needs.

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