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What is Sinus Surgery?

Sinus surgery is a group of procedures available to ENT surgeons to help patients find relief from recurrent sinus infection or symptoms. Sometimes patients with abnormal growths or structures don’t respond well to medication, which is prioritized first to help patients find relief. In the event that non-surgical treatments do not relieve sinus problems, sinus surgery allows the doctor to open pathways and improve airflow.

A picture of two doctors performing the sinus surgery on a patient

Are You a Candidate for Sinus Surgery?

Several conditions would require the use of sinus surgery to help alleviate symptoms. The most common would include sinusitis. Sinusitis is the swelling of the passages and sinuses that result in a stuffy nose, pressure in the nose, eyes, and forehead, coughing, nasal drainage and more.

Another common reason for sinus surgery is a nasal polyp. Enlarged polyps or clusters of polyps are swelling of the nasal lining inside the nose. If they expand a person can experience a reduced sense of taste and nasal blockages that could infect the sinuses.

Deviated septums block one side of the nose causing a reduction in air flow. Treatments exist to reduce the swelling of the nasal tissue that contribute to the deviation, but in some cases when the patient does not respond to medication, surgery is needed to restore balance of nasal airflow.

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