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Your Lingering Sinus Infection Could Be Sinusitis

Your Lingering Sinus Infection Could Be Sinusitis

One of the things we all dread is when we can’t seem to shake a cold. After a while, we start to realize that it is probably not a cold, but something worse. It can turn into a chest infection or pneumonia, but it is also possible that sinusitis is the answer to what is ailing you. There are a number of symptoms you can check to see if it is possible that your lingering sinus infection could be sinusitis.

If you have a sinus headache or feel pressure behind the eyes, sinusitis is probably the cause. Other common symptoms include a sore throat, cough and facial tenderness. When you have experienced these symptoms for an extended period of time, sinusitis is often the reason.

Sinus infections have grown in frequency among the general public within the last several years. Many people owe their chronic sinus infections to improper treatment of colds. When antibiotics are prescribed for a sinus infection and they don’t work, it can be frustrating. Sinusitis can develop, and then it is difficult, if not impossible, to be cured of these symptoms without surgery.

When chronic sinusitis is diagnosed, an Ear, Nose and Throat surgeon will sometimes suggest surgery as a solution. This is not always recommended because after surgery, it can become more difficult to treat sinusitis should things not go well. However, in some cases surgery is the only answer and an ENT surgeon is the specialist that will perform it.

Sinusitis Surgery

Endoscopic surgery is used to help find out what is blocking the sinuses. Sometimes it can involve removing pieces of bone or polyps (growths) that are hindering the ability of the sinuses to work properly. Nasal packing may be used during surgery but not as much as it was in previous years. The recovery time is only a few days to a week.

Most patients report a full recovery and an improved quality of life after surgery. If you have chronic sinusitis, don’t worry about going to the doctor and finding out you will need surgery. For many people, they have found it has given them a new lease on life.

Dr Don J. Beasley, MD is a board-certified otolaryngologist who has been practicing ear, nose, and throat medicine for over 20 years. Sinusitis surgery is one of Dr. Beasley’s ENT specialties. If you’re interested in getting your sinusitis treated today, feel free to schedule an appointment online or call our office today at (208) 229-2368