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A properly functioning nose is very important! Ear, nose and throat specialists are called otolarygngologists. They provide a wide range of medical and surgical care for conditions centered in the nose, because the nasal passages are connected to the ears and throat.


Sinus Infection Treatment and Sinusitis

Nasal problems can effect the sense of smell, breathing and well-being. For example, sinus headaches are one of the most common complaints presented to an ENT, because irritants in the air have grown considerably with urban air pollutants. Sinusitis inflames the membranes inside the sinuses, the cavities above the nose. When this happens, an ENT doctor may prescribe antibiotics. If the sinusitis is ongoing, lasting four weeks or more, the doctor will treat for an acute bacterial infection. A sinus infection can become complicated. This is when a visit to an otolaryngoligist is advised.

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Inability to breathe through the nose

Sometimes a stuffy nose just signifies a cold. But, when the stuffiness is chronic, with no other cold symptoms, it is time to investigate the problem. A visit to an ENT doctor will determine if ongoing infection is causing a stuffy nose, or whether nasal polyps or a deviated septum are the culprits. Any of these issues can be addressed by an ENT specialist.


Allergy Testing

A large number of nose-related discomfort is due to allergic reactions to some substance or chemical. An ENT doctor can do allergy testing, and, if the problem is allergy-related, direct a patient to an allergy specialist.


Reconstructive surgery for the nose

Plastic surgery of the nose invokes a picture of someone reducing the size of the nose, or changing its appearance. An ENT may be qualified to do cosmetic surgery of the nose, and reconstructive surgery as well. A surgeon may remove polyps from the nose and correct a deviated septum. Sometimes the nose may need reconstruction due to cancer surgery or a traumatic accident. A nose is just a nose, until it becomes a problem. An ENT doctor specializes in helping people breathe easier.

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