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Can You Get Sinusitis During The Winter? | Boise ENT

Can You Get Sinusitis During The Winter? | Boise ENT Sinus & Snoring Specialists

Boise ENT Sinus & Snoring Specialists | ENT Doctor Boise

Sinusitis occurs when the nasal passages become inflamed and swollen. When this happens, mucus cannot drain, causing it to build up. This leads to facial pain in and around the nose and can be quite severe. Headaches are also common. You can suffer from this condition any time of the year, including winter.

Sinusitis is often caused by the common cold. Most cases resolve in about 10 days as long as no bacteria is present. Home remedies will usually help to cure sinusitis. If you are unable to cure the problem with medical intervention and you still have sinusitis after 12 weeks, this is consider chronic sinusitis. It can lead to many complications.

Acute symptoms of sinusitis include a thick yellow or greenish discharge from the nose, facial pain and swelling, facial pressure that worsens when you bend over, headache, and nasal congestion. Other symptoms can include pressure in the ears, pain in the jaws and teeth, bad breath, cough, lessened sense of smell and taste, fever, and fatigue.

Your doctor will recommend several options to treat your sinusitis. These include, nasal decongestants, saline sprays, nasal corticosteroids and over the counter pain relievers. If it is determined you have a bacterial infection, you will be prescribed an antibiotic. Since allergies can sometimes be a contributing factor to sinusitis, your doctor might recommend immunotherapy or allergy shots.

If you suffer from chronic sinusitis you may want to consult a doctor regarding surgery to correct the problem. Your doctor can  remove damaged or infected tissue or other obstruction and drain your nasal passages. In some instances, bone will be removed to widen the nasal passages allowing mucus to drain more freely.

Chronic sinusitis is usually the result of a cold or allergies. Most people suffer from colds during the winter which means you might have an increased chance of developing sinusitis in the colder months.

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