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Patient Education Is Most Important | Boise ENT

Patient Education Is Most Important | Boise ENT Sinus & Snoring Specialists

Boise ENT Sinus & Snoring Specialists | ENT Doctor Boise

We are a caring office of ear, nose and throat professional physicians and support staff. Our policy is to educate our patients and explain what conditions they may be suffering from and how we can help. We do not pressure or push any procedure or treatment. We offer patient education materials and encourage patients to perform some research on their own. We recommend verified online sources and local libraries for information about ear, nose and throat health and conditions. We offer sources of information that patients can review to make informed decisions. We even suggest second opinions, as this often makes the patient feel more confident in our diagnoses and possible effective treatment plans.

We understand that every patient’s condition and anatomy is a little different. Our highly advanced diagnostic tools and instrumentation make for the most comfortable examinations ever in this field. We also realize that patients and their families may feel overwhelmed by medical information. Our compassionate staff answers any and all questions patients may have and we offer many tools for patient education. We feel the better the patient understands their condition, the more effective the treatment. When patients are well informed, compliance is greater and therefore, better outcomes are seen.

Whether the patient needs a simple treatment protocol, a diagnostic test or a minor surgery, our physicians and staff want to make sure the patient and family know what to expect before, during and after each phase of treatment. We feel it’s very important for the patient to know what their symptoms may indicate, how it may affect their health, the treatments available to them and how to make health decisions based on facts.

When it comes to health, people should know exactly what to expect as far as what the next steps are. Sometimes, it just wait and see, other times, it may require some testing or medications.

If you’re experiencing issues that you feel are important to see your doctor about, please give us a call.  We have two convenient locations in Boise. To contact us, schedule an appointment online or call us at (208) 229-2368