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The Truth About Sinusitis Surgery

The Truth About Sinusitis Surgery

Sinusitis Surgery | Boise ENT Sinus & Snoring Specialists

If you need to have sinusitis surgery, you may be feeling overwhelmed and scared. These feelings are only natural. However, if you are armed with knowledge and really know what to expect from the surgery, you will have peace of mind and can go into this life-changing surgery without fear or worry.

Prepping for Surgery

Take all medications your doctor has prescribed, as well as recommended OTC medicines. If you are a smoker, it is vital that you stop smoking a few weeks before the surgery. Smoking causes scar tissue, and can also put post-surgery healing at risk. A few weeks prior to surgery, you must stop taking any medicines that could increase risk of bleeding. These include OTC pain medicines called NSAIDs like Advil, as well as some herbal supplements. Ask you doctor what medicines and supplements are okay to take. On the day of surgery, you must not eat or drink anything.The anesthesiologist cannot safely put you to sleep without an empty stomach. If you do eat or drink anything on the day of surgery, your surgery will be canceled.

Surgery Itself

When you’re in the operating room, an anesthesiologist will put you under. The surgery itself will take 2-4 hours, depending on how extensive your sinus problems are. You’ll then be taken to a recovery room for a few hours, where you will wake up.


You may feel groggy or disoriented upon first waking up from anesthesia. You will likely feel some dull, achy pain and you will probably feel congested. This pain can be treated well with pain medications. The congested feeling may last for several days. You might have some packing or a bandage under your nose to catch an occasional blood drip. You will likely be able to leave the hospital the same day, but you may stay overnight. Be sure to take all medications your doctor has prescribed. Use a saline nasal mist to keep your nose moist. You should take it easy after surgery and avoid working for at least a week. You may feel tired or weak for several days. It can take months for your sinus cavity to fully heal from the surgery, but you’ll feel gradually better over a few weeks. Full recovery does take time, but sinusitis surgery works. Most importantly, after sinusitis surgery you will be able to breathe easier.

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