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When to be Concerned about Idaho Allergies

When to be Concerned about Idaho Allergies

Idaho Allergies | Boise ENT Sinus & Snoring Specialists

Idaho has a variety of native trees and shrubs. In addition, beautiful perennials adorn the ditches and mountain sides. Appreciating the wonder of plants and the changing seasons can make life seem festive. However, many individuals are unable to totally enjoy the natural scenery due to problems with allergies.

Facts about Allergies

Whether or not you develop allergies to airborne pollen is mainly due to a weakened immune system. 80% of your immune system is located in the digestive area. Beneficial bacteria that strengthens the immune system is often lacking by having a diet high in processed foods. Some people can go for many years without a trace of seasonal allergies. Suddenly, they seem to be plagued with headaches, itchy noses and watery eyes.

Treating Allergies

Many times, a simple OTC allergy medication can relieve symptoms while pollen is at high levels. Changing your diet to an organic style rather than fast food, can also keep the good bacteria active in your digestive tract. It has also been reported that grains are harmful and should be kept at a minimum. Taking vitamin D is also helpful in decreasing your susceptibility to seasonal allergies. There are a few less traditional methods in treating allergies. A study was done in 2011 to compare patients that consumed organic honey against those that did not from November through March. The result was a 60% reduction in allergy symptoms.

Using a neti pot to flush out your nostrils has also been proven effective for keeping pollen from irritating the sinuses. If you find that you have difficulty in breathing or that normal allergy symptoms seem to be increasing in severity, visit your family physician. After evaluation, you may be treated with nasal spray or referred to a professional allergist in order to pinpoint the exact allergy source. Most seasonal allergies can be controlled by paying attention to your body and treating it accordingly.