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These Doctor's Hands

These Doctor’s Hands

These Doctor’s Hands | Boise ENT Sinus & Snoring Specialists

A doctor’s hands can make the difference between living a healthy, comfortable life and living with pain and misery. It is the doctor’s job to ascertain the best ways to alleviate your discomforts. They will use the latest tech in the determination, but it will be their hands and foreknowledge that direct your treatment.

An ears, nose and throat doctor, or ENT or otolaryngologist, is a medical professional specifically trained in the treatment and management of disorders, diseases and other conditions of the ear, nose and throat, as well as conditions related to the structural integrity of the head and neck. They work with people suffering from issues with sinuses, the larynx, upper mouth and throat, and the oral cavity. Without the ENT’s hands, this world would be a darker place and we as a society would suffer more than we needed to.

Not surprisingly, an ENT has to have an extensive background in study and training before being allowed to operate independently. Their education includes over a dozen years in college and postgraduate study. They must go to college and proceed to medical school. They must then complete five years of specialty training. If these criteria are met, the student may qualify for certification by the American Board of Otolaryngology. Part of the process is passing the Board’s examination. There may also be fellowships a student has to engage in that lasts no more than two years. Here, the student will receive expansive education in one of seven subspecialty areas:

  • Pediatric otolaryngology (children)
  • Otology/neurotology (ears, balance, and tinnitus)
  • Allergies
  • Facial plastic and reconstructive surgery
  • Head and neck
  • Laryngology (throat)
  • Rhinology (nose)

There was a time when the death rate was an average 30 years of age because there were so many medical conditions the community couldn’t manage. With each generation of modern medicine, we have found ways to stay healthier and live longer. But even with all the technology, it’s the care provided by the likes of an ENT that make a doctor’s contribution indispensable.

Some argue without the engineers, researchers and scientists operating in the background, no ENT could do their job. But doctors and surgeons do their part in medical research. It’s their discoveries that prompt the research that leads to the newest technologies. Without the doctor’s hands making direct contact with the patient, discovering and exploring potential ailments, life would be less pleasant and a lot shorter.

Dr. Don J. Beasley, MD is a board-certified otolaryngologist who has been practicing ear, nose, and throat medicine in the Boise area for over 20 years. If you’re interested in scheduling a consultation, or are interested in learning more about how Dr. Beasley can help you today, feel free to contact us. Schedule a conulstation online, or call our office at (208) 229-2368.